principal landscape architect

Annette enjoys the creative, artistic, out of the box aspect of landscape design. She paints her art the same way, spontaneously and with lots of color and movement.

Annette’s History


Born in France, Annette learned landscape architecture at the Ecole Supérieure d'Architecture des Jardins, a four year design school in Paris. She also took drawing classes at the Beaux-Arts, enjoying the challenge of capturing figures in motion.

After earning her degree at ESAJ, she came to California, where she met Mike and earned a masters degree in landscape architecture from Cal Poly, Pomona.

After graduating from ESAJ, she worked with several landscape architecture firms in Paris, designing rooftop and terrace gardens, commercial centers and other landscape features.

Working in America

She worked at Befu-Donan Associates in Pasadena while at Cal Poly, remaining there until 1992, when she moved back to France with Mike. This firm specialized in parks and schools.

New Chapter: Argenteuil in France

After moving back to France, she found a job as landscape architect in charge of the City of Argenteuil's Plan Vert (Green Plan). She designed parks, squares and streetscapes, then tried to link the city's parks and trails together to provide more recreational opportunities for the city's inhabitants. She also penned the layout of the gardens surrounding the new City Hall.

On to Disneyland Paris

Once her temporary mission at Argenteuil ended, she worked on creating the first Flower Festival at Disneyland Paris. She coordinated new ideas and helped develop a new method for topiary construction.

Back to the USA

After her experience at Argenteuil and Disney, Annette decided that she'd rather be in America in her own firm - you probably know the rest.


Along with Mike, Annette regularly attends lectures and seminars related to water conservation, sustainable design and locally adapted plant materials.

She was active in the volunteer program of the American River Water Education Center (ARWEC), working to improve the center's demonstration garden.

She is a full member of the ASLA, and served as a Member at Large on Sierra Chapter's Executive Committee.


Annette lectured in the University of California, Davis landscape architecture program, co-teaching landscape graphics and illustration.


Although she's not ready to quit her day job yet, Annette has been showing her artwork in Sacramento galleries. Check her web site if you would like to see what she's planning.

Her hobbies include ornamental plant gardening and rowing (crew).

Annette speaks French, some Spanish and a bit of German along with English.