Need a speaker and presentation for your event?

Please contact us if you're planning an event and would like to include talks on topics related to landscape design, gardening, photography or another related topic.

Our typical audiences are the general public, professional organizations, garden clubs, nursery visitors, and garden show attendees.

We've given talks at a national convention for landscape architects, an international architecture conference, water conservation facilities, local nurseries, garden clubs and green building material suppliers. 

We've lectured on the following topics for audiences from 10 to 200 people.

        Landscape design

        Native Plants

        Ecological landscaping

        Efficient irrigation design

        Green building

        Water conservation

        Planting design for water conservation

        Landscape photography

        Wildflower photography

        Landscape lighting

        Wildlife in the garden

        Setting up and running a micro design firm

We can also speak about these subjects:

    •    Outdoor cooking

    •    Landscape photography, including macro

    •    Design process & workflow

    •    3D modeling with SketchUp

    •    Creating workin drawings in VectorWorks

    •    Computer applications for landscape design 

Gardens & Gastronomy Tour.

So far, we've done parts of this with different people, but never put the whole thing together as a package. We think it would be a great way to experience France and contemporary French design.

We would guide tours or visitors in France, talking about design, travel photography, markets - and giving kitchen workshops to prepare food bought in markets. We could also translate from English to French so visitors could ask questions as they travel. Interested? Call or e-mail and le'ts talk! 

Past lectures, talks & presentations

Some were presented to multiple audiences, so only the location is shown.

The OMS (One Man Show) Roundtable: Behind the TRUE small firm,

ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo, Phoenix, AZ, 2012 & Boston 2013. 

Setting up automatic legends & schedules in VectorWorks,

Phoenix, AZ. 2012. (Computer-aided design software lecture) 

Sustainable Landscaping,

Sacramento, CA. 2011 & 2012 

Water Wise Plants,

Sacramento, CA. 2010 

Great California native plants,

Elk Grove, CA. 2010

Earth Friendly Landscape Design,

Modesto International Architecture Festival, Modesto, CA. 2009 & Sacramento, 2010 

Efficient Irrigation Systems,

Fair Oaks, CA. 2009 

Photographing Wildflowers,

Sacramento, CA. 2008. (Introduction to a wildflower video).